OUr Earth is a student organization at the University of Oklahoma. Our purpose is to educate the OU community on environmental issues of all types affecting the campus, state, nation, and world and to encourage the active participation of members in activities relating to such issues.
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    Climate change is happening and it seems like there is a lot of dooms and glooms about the outcome.  Well, as college students we are the next generation that is going to step up to these challenges and approach them aggressively.  Small steps can be taken, but collectively we will create the change needed to create a sustainable society.  The green [r]evolution is coming, we are gradually pushing towards a grey economy to a green economy.  In order to do this we need to act.  You can visit our Get Involved page to find links to Oklahoma’s representatives, local organic food stores, local organizations, national organization, campus news and links to what is going on around campus as well.

    What is climate change?

    Below you will find some links to government websites and national organizations with all the information you need to know about climate change and what it means to society.

    Department of Energy

    Environmental Protection Agency

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